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I suspect the work we end up doing has its roots in childhood. My father was a gardener and dealer in art and antiques and my mother was an interior designer. My childhood home was filled with paintings, antiques, pottery, objects d’art and curious one-of-a-kind vintage pieces.

Books were everywhere. I spent a lot of my childhood folded in their pages and travelled all over the world, without ever moving my feet, creating romantic visions of lands I wanted to visit and stories I wanted to tell. I still remember one of the first stories I wrote: it was about a back-to-front parrot called 'Truman' who escaped my clutches to pursue adventures ‘in a magic land that bordered Timbuktu.’ I’ve been writing in one form or other ever since, now mainly for magazines and newspapers. 

I decided to set up Anthophile because I’m passionate about gardens, art, antiques, writing and travel. I’m excited to have a platform where I can meet other Anthophiles and for there to be a magazine where the creative and curious can share work that might otherwise go unseen. I love the printed page, and I think, in today’s noisy environment where we are inundated by endless 'chatter', to be able to sit down with a magazine, one that is literary rich, unexpected and humorous, is something we all crave. 

Most of the Anthophiles interviewed here have written wonderful books, so it felt important that there be a bookshop. Don’t be surprised if occasionally, tucked amongst its bookshelves, you come across an irresistible vintage piece or curiosity that I’ve fallen in love with on my travels. I’m always in treasure hunting mode and buy from all over: from auctions and flea markets to hidden homes in Europe. 

Whether you are visiting for the first time or returning for the umpteenth, a very warm welcome. I do hope you enjoy Anthophile. 

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