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I: Anthophiles for the Q&A tend to be ‘invite only’ but if you think you have what it takes to appear, or an Anthophile  has mentioned you in their Q&A, do get in touch. 

II: Anthophile magazine is a rare beast in publishing: a reader-supported, ad-free magazine. 

  • We are committed to championing new voices and giving space to the work of the creative and curious. So, the next time you make plants, gardens and flowers your thing, why not consider submitting to us. 

  • We publish fiction, non-fiction and occasionally poetry.

  • Written work needs to be literary: fiction and non-fiction needs to be mature and sophisticated, with an elegance of style, structure, and characterisation. Poetry should display a commitment to the specificities of language and show a refined sense of simile and metaphor. We like satire, cartoons, 'fake non-fiction', open letters, and the weird and quirky. We are open to publishing extracts from existing books and collections. Understanding that plants and flowers are part of life's bigger picture, a synthesis and celebration of many arts and sciences, will help your chances of being accepted. Please look at our SUBMISSIONS page for further information.

  • We love artwork, illustrations, and photography, indeed anything unusual or creative, with a horticultural, botanical or naturalist theme at its heart. Alongside botanical artworks, photographs and illustrations, we seek contemporary art. Art work that surprises, charms, even shocks. We are not interested in photography of step-by-step projects and practical gardening (but could fall in love with a quirky drawing, series of sketches or painting of said things.) You do not have to know about flowers or garden to submit work; a vivid imagination is more likely to win us over. An abstract of a reimagined childhood garden, or a cartoon, has the same chance of finding its way onto our pages as the beautiful illustration of garden flowers that arrived in our inbox on the same day.  

  • We plan to publish one volume a year and our submission window is open between October to March. Payment is on acceptance of publication and will be agreed prior to acceptance. 


III: We are always happy to hear from designers and makers who might be interested in collaborating with us. We are in the process of creating a curation and styling platform that will connect our readers to selected websites and/or companies. 

If your product fits with our ideas, then let’s collaborate. 


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