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notes for contributors

(we are now closed for) submissions 

If you are thinking of contributing, below, some helpful things for you to know about the publication. 


Anthophile magazine is not a gardening publication: it's not edited for the lady who wants to learn how to plant, grow and care for petunias, or the like. It will not be concerned with that sort of stuff. This is not meant disrespectfully but the audience is simply different.


It's a space for our contributors to explore and celebrate the plant and flower filled landscape we live in (understanding that plants and flowers are part of life's bigger picture, a synthesis and celebration of many arts and sciences) It will publish contemporary fiction and poetry, alongside incisive and erudite essays, and features. We are open to both experimental and traditional forms of writing, anything that's meaningful, surprising, felt. We like humour, and enjoy satire, 'fake non-fiction, open letters and the weird and quirky. We don't want to be too prescriptive about length but as a guide, fiction and non-fiction pieces between 800 and 2,500 words, short fiction, never more than 4000 words. We are open to publishing extracts from existing books and collections.

At the moment we are on the hunt for non-fiction essays that highlight unorthodox ends of  the spectra — mad theories, eccentric gardeners, under-appreciated botanists, and fascinating horticultural tales in need of a new readership. 

What else to know? We review pitches as well as fully-drafted pieces, with a preference for the latter. First-time contributors might want to include links to recent writing if possible. We respond to all pitches.

If you are interested and want to submit please email a proposal to: If you would like to submit a piece already written, then please email it as an attachment, in either plain text or in a word processor format (e.g. Open Office, Word).  If you are interested in publishing an extract with us, please put ‘Extract’ in the subject line. Feel free to include, as a JPEG/PNG attachment or link, any images which are relevant.  

We can offer payment for writing we publish — the fee is paid on acceptance of publication and will be agreed prior to acceptance.


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