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Anthophile Magazine

Anthophile magazine
Anthophile magazine

Language: English
352 pages

290x230 mm
Printed on selected specialised paper  

Soft-touch cover
Volume 1: Coming soon

Dive into an immersive visual anthology of flowers and plants in the literary rich and aesthetically beautiful Anthophile magazine

Anthophile magazine explores the close relationship each person has with plants and flowers, not only in their gardens but in their work, lives and homes.

Anthophile takes the reader on a journey across cultures and continents into a world of plants and flowers — from garden blooms and wildflowers to exotic and tropical varieties — all brought to life in a beautiful, high-minded kaleidoscope of a magazine that incorporates photography, art and illustration, alongside cutouts, fold-outs, and removable reproductions of artworks.

The first volume of Anthophile showcases exceptional art, photography, essays, profiles, fiction, and features contributed by an ensemble of global talents. The cast includes photographers, illustrators, storytellers, designers, musicians, writers, poets, and visual artists. Reading it will feel like accompanying an eccentric plant obsessive as they travel through undiscovered landscapes, gardens, homes and buildings to uncover unique and unusual horticultural treasures and tales. Anthophile is quite the gem among horticultural magazines, expect humour, contemporary artwork, cartoons, literary fiction, and 'fake' non-fiction.

We are soon to embark on our first limited print run. This epic volume will be a love letter to all who cherish reading magazines and still yearn for the richness of the content of yesteryear. Within its pages will lie a treasure trove of captivating subject matter -- each article, each illustration, a piece of art in its own right, designed to enchant and inspire. Its pages will invite readers on a journey of discovery and delight, promising an experience that will be as enriching and informative as it will be innovative and fanciful. If you have esthetic leanings, then, Anthophile is an essential publication to add to your home.  To secure your copy of this artistic treasure, pre-ordering is advised. 


No ads, no ‘Top 10’ – Anthophile magazine is more timeless, like a coffee table book — where the content will take the reader someplace else and make them dream. 

Don't miss the opportunity to own this exquisite publication by registering your interest at  

Contributors please refer to our Collaborate & Submissions pages to learn more about what we are after and how to submit work. (We are currently shut for submissions.)

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